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3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Original Capturz

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Today is my first blog post! I am so excited to have Original Capturz live on the Wix platform and to start sharing my digital image collections in landscape, wildlife and architecture.

Please be patient as I continue to find and perfect my writing style. I will attempt to be fun, informative and most of all professional.

woman, shopping bags, long coat
Holiday Shopping

So, 3-reasons why you should shop at Original Capturz?

  1. We will curate the best of our digital images (landscape, wildlife and architecture) to sell as downloads through our online store;

  2. Utilizing the Gelato (Print on Demand/Dropshipping) platform, we will offer customers a wide selection of customized and personalized merchandise (wall-art, women's, men's and kid's/baby clothing, totes, phone cases, ceramic mugs, custom greeting cards, and custom calendars;

  3. Our commitment to sustainability. By printing-on-demand locally and utilizing dropshipping with Gelato, we will support businesses in our client's local communities and dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

In closing, we look forward to hearing from all our exisiting and new customers. We will post regularly on our blog and hope to provide an amazing shopping experience through our online store!

Warmest Regards,

Celeste E. Reisinger, Owner


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