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Printing, Shipment, Delivery
Terms & Conditions - Gelato
Last Updated: January 5, 2024

Upon receipt of an Order through the Gelato Platform, Gelato will facilitate printing of the User Content and shipping of the Products to the End Customer, as requested in the Order.

Gelato connects independent local printers in their global network. Based on the shipping address set out in an Order, Gelato allocates the Order to a local printer based on geographical location, machine capabilities, available capacity, and other factors they deem relevant. Orders that include more than one category of Products may be produced at different print facilities (such as due to capabilities, capacity and delivery address) and may, therefore, be delivered separately.

Gelato will stipulate an estimated delivery time. They will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Products are delivered within the estimated timeframe but shall not have any liability towards the End Customer if the Products are delivered later. Gelato will notify Seller as soon as they become aware of circumstances that may cause substantial delays.

The Products will be sent by regular post unless otherwise agreed for each Order. Irrespective of the shipping method, Gelato has the right to choose another carrier or shipping method, provided that such carrier or shipping method offer similar delivery quality and delivery time.

If tracked delivery is chosen for the Order (if available), Gelato shall bear the risk of loss and damage to the Products during transportation. If non-tracked delivery is chosen for the Order, the Products will be deemed delivered and title and risk of loss transferred to the Seller upon delivery of the Products to any common carrier.

Gelato is not obliged to find the correct address for the delivery. If they were not provided with the correct address, and there are multiple residents on that address, they will use reasonable endeavours to deliver, but cannot guarantee the delivery of the Products to the correct recipient. The Seller is responsible for performing customs clearance of the Products and for payment of the customs (if any).

If the Seller can substantiate that their Order is lost in transit which is due to the carrier of a tracked delivery, then Gelato will, at their sole discretion and subject to an investigation, reship the Order. Any claims must be submitted no later than 20 days after the estimated delivery date. Gelato will reserve the right not to reship any Order if tracking information of the carrier indicates the Order is duly delivered, even though the Seller or the End Customer claims the Order has not been received. In that case, any replacement may have to be at the End Customer’s own costs.

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